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Roof Repair in Toronto

If you need emergency roof repair services in Toronto, get in touch with LEAK FREE ROOFING.

Roof Repair Toronto

Detecting Roof Damage

Neglecting your damaged roof can worsen the situation. The team at LEAK FREE ROOFING has over 18 years of experience detecting, assessing and then repairing roof damage. Rest assured that we can repair all types of roof surfaces and roofing materials.

Inspection and Maintenance Services

A lot of buildings such as churches and larger private homes because of their size have issues that require annual maintenance, cleaning and inspections services. We have been providing such services for clients for over eight years, usually on a by-annual basses. This can provide you the peace of mind that debris, animals damage or general deterioration is not going to surprise you and cause preventable damage to your roof and or structure.

Contact us to arrange your annual or by-annual services.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Often, roof emergencies happen at the worst times possible. During a high wind, heavy snow falls or during heavy rain storms, even worse, at night. A leaking roof or damage may seam minor but the longer it continues the more extensive the damage and repairs can be. LEAK FREE ROOFING and repairs understands that your roof is what protects your home and family. This is why we provide emergency services to ensure that your roof is quickly and efficiently repaired. In these situations, and if safety allows, we can often install tarps, roofing membranes or mastics until the weather permits more extensive repairs.

Call us when you require emergency services.

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